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Songea's Kids helps enrich and fulfill lives
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Welcome,and thank you for your interest in the orphans and vulnerable children of Mshangano Village, Songea, Tanzania. Partnering with us, YOU will enable these children break the chains of poverty. By providing for their daily needs and ensuring their education, You will empower them to support themselves and their future families and become productive citizens.

In Lutukira, Tanzania, YOU will not only not only help the most vulnerable orphans in Ruvuma Region , but empower very poor villagers to improve their lives and economy in Hope Village--clean water, safe housing, health care center, vocational and agricultural schools, pre-school and residential family-style orphan housing. Learn about what is happening by leveraging the power of partnerships.

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Our Vision: Songea's Kids mentors and provides seed money to help Tanzanians meet the basic, health and educational needs of their orphaned children.

Our Mission: Songea's Kids collaborates with Tanzanian partners to bring life and hope to orphans by establishing self-sustaining programs and building infrastructure such as Hope Village.

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Songea's Kids Video:

This video explains the mission of Songea's Kids, the vision of Hope Village, and the recent progress in making this a vision reality to serve the orphans and people of Lutukira village. Since this design project began in 2009, many updates to the original plan have been made--using local materials, local labor, and updated building designs. We are excited about the 2016 visit to the site, the start of construction, and the progress. To understand the history of Songea’s Kids orphan care project and plans for Hope Village, please see the 2012 video on the Hope Village Page, as well as updates about the work underway!

Auction Items: Songea Soiree 2017 will be Saturday November 4, 5-8pm, Redmond Senior Center. If you have items to contribute for the auction, please contact Songea's Kids Auction.