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Hope Village
New Hope Village NGO Partner and Site in Rural Songea

Songea's Kids newest partner is Hope Village Organization (HVO), a Tanzanian Non-Governmental Organization headquartered in Lutukira Village and registered with the Tanzanian government (17NGO/00007050). As defined in their Constitution, their vision, mission and core values are:
Vision of HVO:
The vision of HVO is to be a leading Non-Governmental organization that enables orphaned and vulnerable children realize their full potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.
Mission of HVO:
The primary mission of HVO is to provide quality, developmentally appropriate care, early education and vocational training to orphaned and vulnerable children to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.
Core Values of HVO:
The core values which guide HVO in achieving its objectives are: Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Commitment, Team work, and Transparency.

What prompted the organization of the NGO?

Rationale of the HVO:
"Tanzania has been facing the challenge of orphans and vulnerable children and has become an alarmingly common sight in most cities around the world. Many children run away from their homes, because they have been victims of violence and abuse by-products of crushing poverty. Some children become orphaned due to deaths of their parents resulted from HIV/IADS and other factors. The likelihood of children going on to reach their potential is reduced by being vulnerable or orphaned. Incapacitated by poverty, guardians and extended families are reluctant to shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of such children. Their equal rights and needs are denied. As a result the majority become street children. Street life violates the dignity of the children and negatively affects their physical, mental, emotional, moral and overall well-being. Street children experience great difficulties in their daily life including hunger, lack of shelter, sickness and parental care. In these harsh conditions the children use drugs, get involved in criminal activities and engage themselves in prostitution which ultimately leads down the road to HIV/AIDS and certain death.
Thus Hope Village Organization endeavors to improve the future of orphans and vulnerable children by meeting their educational, emotional, and physical needs. We believe if orphans and vulnerable children are empowered with requisite education have the potential; the potential to influence the future, the economy and contribute to socioeconomic development of our country and world at large."

Hope Village land negotiations are underway.

The Hope Village Organization Board of Directors is working with the local villagers to assess the urgent needs of the orphans and of the children in nearby villages to determine which facilities are most needed in Hope Village. Current plans are that Hope Village will contain residential duplex homes for 160 of the most vulnerable children not well served by community-based care. Also, a health clinic, nursery/pre-primary school, vocational training school, community center, and deep-water solar- powered well. The community center will provide space for children's programs, caregiver training, and education programs on AIDS and other topics for villagers.

Hope Village will be constructed in 4 phases, with the buildings constructed in a priority order determined by the villagers. One section of Hope Village will be dedicated to crops and animal-raising to feed the orphans and their caregivers and to provide income to care for the children.

TV Interview

On May 12, 2011, Songea’s Kids President, Linda Hines, and Engineers Without Borders Hope Village Project Leader, Mark Reeves, were interviewed by Stan Emert on Public Exposure.
Here's a video explaining the mission of Songea's Kids and the vision of Hope Village. The video has a visualization of the finished Hope Village project with the buildings and facilities that will serve the orphans and people of the community.
Songea's Kids Video and Hope Village Visualization:
Working with our Tanzania local partners and our US partners, we are using culturally-appropriate, environmentally-friendly, sustainable technologies to introduce into Hope Village, improving daily life and health and providing new ways of making a living.
See the site of Hope Village
See a duplex model