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Tanzanian Partners
On the ground, local partner, Jirani Mwema (Good Neighbor)

At their invitation, Songea's Kids has entered into a formal partnership with Jirani Mwema, a Tanzania-registered non-profit organization eager to improve the lives of children and their caregivers.

Caring for vulnerable children in Songea

In 2008, Jirani Mwema identified orphans and vulnerable children in cooperation with the government's Social Welfare Department. Soon after, they began providing Community-Based Care to 62 children considered orphans. Staff members regularly visit those children at their foster homes, schools, and other places where the children live with their extended families.


Community-Based Care Members

Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Projects

One section of Mshangano Village is dedicated to a Chicken-Raising Project to feed the orphans and their caregivers and to provide income for Jirani Mwema to care for the children. This land is located near the well drilled in 2010 with funds provided to Songea's Kids by Living Water. At this site the successful chicken-raising project is providing eggs to the children and producing income to support the program from sale of excess eggs. Soon the chickens will also provide meat and income. The project's consultant is the chief agricultural officer for the Ruvuma District, and the project is monitored by the Jirani Mwema COO, working with a committee of Mshangano villagers. For the first time, ALL the children receive eggs to eat, instead of only those who are HIV positive. This project was made possible by generous grants to Songea's Kids from Sowing Seeds of Hope. Read
" Jirani Mwema's Successful Chicken Project to Promote Quality Health and Well-Being for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mshangano, March 2014" and enjoy the photos showing the program in action.
Maize and other crops are planted on the remainder of the land to feed the children .

Our partnership with Jirani Mwema is making it possible to develop culturally appropriate solutions to urgent problems faced by local orphans their caregivers.

A well was drilled in 2010 to provide clean water for the orphans and people of Mshangano Village. Thanks to a grant from Living Water to Songea's Kids and to technical expertise provided by Engineers Without Borders and on-site assistance from Russ Prior the new well provides clean water to prevent water-related diseases.

Certificate of Registration under the Non Govermental Organization Act (NGO)

In 2009, Jirani Mwema received government certification to operate Songea District as an independent NGO. In 2010 Jirani Mwema signed a partnership agreement with Songea's Kids to facilitate care of the orphans and vulnerable children in Songea. Jirani Mwema is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors representative of the community. The Board Chair is Watson Nganiwa, and staff members include Ranadhan Silim, COO; Zelbabely Nduye, Accountant/Child Sponsor Coordinator; and Jane Mushi, Matron.


Board of Directors; Ranadhan Silim COO & Zelbabely Nduye CSC

Jane Mushi Matron.jpg

Jane Mushi, Matron

Songea Lutheran Parish was the founder and remains of Trustee of this independent NGO, and assist Jirani Mwema by providing funds to support the children to supplement the grants from Songea's Kids.

Our partner provides Songea's Kids the daily local support and monitoring of the children we care for. They are in daily contact with Songea's Kids Board in the US and also in contact with the elders of Mshangano Village along with Municipal and regional leaders that help support the work that we do locally.

Mshangano Village Committee Chairman.

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