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Architects and engineers in Seattle, Washington developing plans for Hope Village

In 2008 architects from the Seattle firms of Olson Kundig Architects and Seattle-based Engineers Without Borders-Puget Sound Professional Chapter began working pro bono to design and plan construction of Hope Village (Kijiji cha Matumaini). Importance has been given to plan culturally appropriate and sustainable solutions for Hope Village. In 2008, Architect Rick Sundberg traveled to Songea to learn about the needs in the area. In 2009 and 2010 architects and engineers formed Site Visit Teams and traveled to Songea with Linda Hines, Board President. The 2009 lead architect Misun Chung Gerrick collected data on building materials, the construction site and building regulations in preparation for design and construction.

Architects are continuing to work pro bono on the master plan, comprehensive design, and construction schedule for Hope Village, in collaboration with our Tanzanian partners. Their work includes:
  • Site research
  • Culture
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Local construction materials research
  • Sustainability research
  • Water consumption research
  • Building design and materials selection for a variety of structures

In 2012 architect Hill Pierce traveled to Songea with Linda Hines to continue further analysis and planning.

Hill Pierce on site.jpg

In 2013 architect Noreen Shinohara met with Hope Village Organization (HVO) representatives to see the planned site for Hope Village in Lutukira Village located in rural Songea.


During their 2009 site visit, Engineers Mark Reeves and Glen Strachan conducted tests related to drilling a high-capacity well at the Mwengemshindo site. In 2010 geologist Russ Prior traveled to Songea with Linda Hines and worked with a Tanzanian hydrogeologist to drill a well for use by the orphans and villagers of Mshangano. (Well Drilling)

In the fall of 2014 hydrogeologist Charles Ellingson will travel to Songea with Linda Hines to perform a field reconnaissance of the new Lutukira site; inventory wells existing in the vicinity; examine soils, geology, stream flow, and spring activity; and interview prospective drillers of a new deep well.


The current Hope Village Team of engineers and architects,

Hope Village Team

The Engineers are putting the finishing touches on the design and building in areas such as:

  • Solar water well and pressure pumps
  • Solar lighting and hot water
  • Water treatment and distribution system
  • Composting toilets
  • Grey water irrigation
  • Permaculture food production
  • Efficient, sustainable crop and animal rearing
  • Efficient wood burning cooking stoves

The architects and engineers have contributed thousands of pro bono hours to this project. They have tested local bricks to determine how to improve strength and durability. They have introduced rocket stoves into a few local homes to test the ease of use, efficiency and acceptance within the community. Initial reports are positive as they produce less smoke, and consume less wood.
View the Architects & Engineers Plans for Hope Village